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Laboratory Testing

Comprehensive Blood/Urine Testing
Woodbridge Naturopathic Clinic now offers comprehensive blood and urine testing. Requisitions are given to patients of the clinic and testing is done at regulated laboratories at locations most convenient to the patient. Laboratory testing is an additional cost.

Heavy Metal Fecal Stool Analysis
Heavy metal toxicity is a growing concern in modern naturopathic medicine. Heavy metal toxicity has been linked to numerous disease processes including dementia, autism, auto-immune diseases, epilepsy, fatigue, developmental delays, kidney and liver problems and the list goes on. Metal excretion can be tested in the stool, both pre and post chelation therapies.

Hair Analysis
Similar to the stool, the hair is an excretion route of heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metal toxicity and mineral excretion can be tested in the hair and analyzed.

Blood Typing
Blood typing test is available by request by the patient. Merely a pin prick of the finger is needed to give results on the spot.

Live Blood Cell Analysis
Live Blood Analysis, also known as Darkfield Microscopy is a way of studying live whole blood cells under a specially adapted microscope that projects the dynamic image onto a viewing monitor. This technique enables the evaluation of blood features in their living state, hence the term “live blood” analysis.

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